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The 2015-16 school year is the thirty-nineth year of operation for the Delaware Secondary School Mathematics League. The Delaware Math League was founded by Dr. William J. Geppert, Jr., former State Mathematics Supervisor in the Delaware Department of Education, and Dr. Willard E. Baxter, retired from the University of Delaware. Math League is currently sponsored by DCTM – Delaware Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The purpose of the Delaware Secondary School Mathematics League is to cultivate an interest in mathematics through team competition. There are four levels of competition – Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, and Grades 10-12. Schools are separated into geographic regions for regional competitions. Upon completion of the four regional meets, the top scoring teams and the top scoring individuals from each region are invited to participate in the Invitational Meets. Awards are presented to the regional winners and to the Invitational Meet winners at the State Math League Banquets. The Math League Coordinators are Denise I. Griffiths, Delaware Technical Community College, for Grades 7-8, and Thomas J. Koliss, Newark High School, for Grades 9-12.

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